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Body Shapes: Inverted Triangle
Body Shapes: Inverted Triangle
Do you have an Inverted Triangle body shape? This means that your body is just as perfect as Jennifer Garner's. Inverted Triangles have a much wider (more athletic looking) shoulders when compared to the hips size. A simple diagram and a couple of color tricks will show you how to downplay your shoulders while spreading out colors and patterns towards the rest of your body.  Read More


7 Fashion Items You Could Be 3D Printing at Home in 2016
7 Fashion Items You Could Be 3D Printing at Home in 2016
August, 2015 | 3D printing is slowly changing the face of fashion in many ways. If you can afford your very own 3D printer in 2016, will this mean that you will be able to print an outfit without ever going to the store? We are about to find out.  Read More