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Erica Wolford

I love a variety of styles. It just depends on my mood. I think great style can come from any budget!

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Owls My all time obsession have to be owls. It's like every time we go to the jewelry section you can bet money that I will pick up an owl piece. 
Great Backpack
Great Backpack These are great if your not a backpack person or a purse person! Stylish and they can be found everywhere!
Cowboy Boots
Cowboy Boots Wow I haven't uploaded something in forever! I just started school so it's been pretty busy, including back to school shopping. My must have on my back to school list would have to be shoes! I love shoes and by the end of the year, my old shoes are pretty loved, so I always get some new pairs. These boots were my must get items! They are great for the fall and I've actually been looking for some EVERYWHERE! I had to look for ones that had a short heel. I'm already pretty tall so I had to take that into consideration!

My Tip: You don't have to sacrifice based on your body shape, height or anything you might be self conscious with. Just adjust! There's ALWAYS going to be something out there is is perfect for YOU!
Thank You!
Thank You! I just want to say thank you so much! I just got this a few minutes ago and I just wanted to say how I am grateful and so excited and Thank You!

Ruffles + Red
Ruffles + Red This off red is perfect for the movies and the ruffles help cheat the layered look. Plus I love this darker red. I try to fill my closet with all sorts of colors so I never get bored. 

My Tip: Look for items you don't have too much of. It could be a color, style or type of item (tank top, cardigans, sweaters).
Bodycon with a Twist
Bodycon with a Twist Not every bodycon dress needs to be tight from top to bottom. This has a purple looser top and a bodycon bottom. It's perfect for the evening and it gives some freedom when picking out the shoes.

My Tip: Find items that give freedom to put a little "you" into them. Let the piece give you room to add your own touches and even your favorite pair of shoes!
Gladiator Sandal
Gladiator Sandal I love gladiator sandals! Although they can get a bit pricey. Try shopping at 6pm.com - it always has mark downs and I love buying name brands from them because they can be 10 - 20 dollars cheaper!

These sandal are great for parties, back to school and they give a boring outfit some bling! 
Oily Skin?
Oily Skin? If your face is like mine then you have the unfortunate problem of having oily skin. That's why I don't like putting on moisturizer after I wash. When I found this wash with moisturizer in it, it was a must. It's perfect with just a hint of moister. My skin smells and looks great!

Drug Stores: 6 dollars and below. 
Time to Wash!
Time to Wash! Washing my face is extremely important to me. I hate getting pimples or any sort of blemish on my face. You're afraid of heights, I'm afraid of pimples! This Sea Breeze liquid wash is great for clearing all of the dirt away and I use it almost every night! 

Just take a cotton ball and wet it with the Sea Breeze and rub all your dirt away! Great skincare product!
Polka Dots!
Polka Dots! This fun black and white polka dot dress is perfect for parties! It flows yet it's cute and appropriate for a lot of parties!
Favorite Layering tool
Favorite Layering tool
Scarves are amazing for dressing up any outfit. They add a girly touch and also add just enough layers to make you look put together but not to over done. Try pairing a light weight scarf with a simple jacket. BUT! Make sure the jacket doesn't have a design. Let the patterned scarf do all of the talking in this layering example.

My favorite place to find scarves are at Charlotte Russe
Girls Night!
Girls Night! I love solid color dresses because you can pair any shoe you want with it! Get funky or go neutral! Plus I absolutely love this purple!
Teal with Lace
Teal with Lace This one colored shirt goes great with scarves and jackets galore! My favorite part about this is the lace detail at the bottom and top.

My Tip: Find piece that you can layer with but also have enough detail to wear alone!
Rock Bracelets
Rock Bracelets These bracelets are thick and bold.
Floral Tank
Floral Tank This floral tank top is one of my favorite tops in my closet. It has a variety of color and the floral is something every girl should have in her closet!
Two of a Kind!
Two of a Kind! I also have this shirt in navy blue and peach but I thought I would pick up the same pattern in different colors. They are such different color pallets that it doesn't look like you got two of the same thing!
Off the Shoulder
Off the Shoulder Off the shoulder tee work well with bathing suit season! They make great pull overs for on the beach, but not only that, they show some more of your tan!
My Favorite Bag
My Favorite Bag This light tan/pink bag holds everything! I always take it on trips and on long vacations when you bring a bit more then the trip to the mall. 

The best thing about this bag is the inside. It has this floral pattern which gives it a girly vibe. 
Bad Hair Days
Bad Hair Days My Perfect solution to my bad hair days. This knit beret hangs off your head and creates a perfect cute fall look. But here's a tip: don't buy if it's over 15 dollars. They shouldn't be that much money so don't settle! Keep looking and you will also save money!
My Tribal Belt
My Tribal Belt I love this tribal print belt. It's great for navy, red, yellow or white colored v-necks. It turns a blank plain tee into a cute affordable outfit!
Pendant Necklace
Pendant Necklace This yellow heart pendant necklace is great for adding a design to a plain outfit. If you know where to look, you can find great necklaces for only a few dollars. 

Forever21 has $1.50 racks full of jewelry
Rue21 has a wall of $5 and bellow jewelry every once in a while. (Mostly when a new shipment has come in)
One Color!
One Color! The 3/4 sleeve is great for the FALL! Did I just say that? I am officially out of summer and into fall designs!

Tip: Start to look ahead of time for great pieces for seasons. For example, after winter has died off, they usually put their leather jackets (I am obsessed) on sale and clearance. But you might grow a bit so you want to get pieces that are a little big!
Bodycon Skirts
Bodycon Skirts Bodycon skirts are a great way to "girl up" any outfit! Plus they work with looser shirts as well as tighter shirts.
Feathers Feathers are unique and there are so many designs. Find one that is neutral to compliment the outfit. But find one with bold color, and you will draw attention to your beautiful face!
Maxi Dress No. 1
Maxi Dress No. 1 I thought this maxi dress was a must have! It has so many colors in it so it makes it easy to pair with accessories! The yellow on the top scream summer! while the striped bottom half is so fun with the different sized stripes. 

My suggestion: Find pieces that and unique. They will make your closet come to life and leave people jealous!

P.S. This big bangle is the perfect accessory. Remember: not too much jewelry on this one because there's already so much going on!
Interesting Pattern...
Interesting Pattern... I found this shirt and Kohls and thought it was very different than the shirts I usually pick. It is an off white with small blue flowers and a scene that was sketch onto it. It's super soft which I think is important when you have a long busy day ahead of you!
Agaci Cardigans
Agaci Cardigans One of my must have closet items is a cardigan. It's a cute way to dress up any outfit and it works well when you're trying to stay cute but remain in dress code. Also, you can find ones in different patterns to spice up any plain tank top. Just make sure that if you get a patterned cardigan, pair it with a plain top. As well as the other way around. If you find a plain cardigan then place it with something that has a print to it. The different styles will play off of each other and it will work great!

Cardigans are perfect for every girl!
Colorful Sunglasses!
Colorful Sunglasses! I think colorful sunglasses are great. They add a spunky personality into any outfit. Also, colorful sunglasses are great when you are digging through your purse. They stand out!
Ripped Jeans + How to
Ripped Jeans + How to <3 Ripped Jeans

How to make:
1: Decide where you want to you rips to be by putting them on and marking with a marker where you want it

2: Now take sandpaper a rub the desired spot to loosen the fabric.

3:Take a pair of scissors a cut where you want. But do not cut a square! the jean will actually loosen up more after you wash it.
My Big Leather Bag
My Big Leather Bag I got this bag a while ago at RUE21. I love how they put in a store near my house! I was so excited and it's a place I will always shop at! 

This brown bag goes with everything and it's huge! I can store everything: my wallet, sunglasses, lip gloss, gum, phone and more!

I usually pair it with anything but black or white or gray. I usually pair a black bag with those colors!

Storage Problem?
Storage Problem? I use this great colorful drawer/storage for my makeup. It hold all of my everyday makeup and tools. It fits on my bathroom sink and when I feel like doing my makeup in my room, i just pick it up and move it. No more searching through a basket for things when everything is neatly organized in this 4 - drawer organizer. 

I put all of my eye shadows on top, then my eyeliners and mascara, then in the yellow drawer I put all of my face stuff such as foundation, concealer, cover-up and blush, and lastly On the bottom I put my chap sticks, lip gloss and lip sticks. 
Dance Party
Dance Party What would YOU wear to a dance party? Comment with a pic below!

This light blue is a universal color. It works on ANYONE. (So does red) This dress allows you to move on the dance floor as well as show the girly side with the ruffles. It flows. -This is a great thing to look for when you are getting ready to dance. The belted wedges are great but if you want something a bit more flexible try the flat below. It still shows off your feet with those two different colors but is flexible too.
Must Have High-Low Dress
Must Have High-Low Dress The blue and red are so different that they compliment each other! Maybe that's why jean are blue...

Comment below on what you think!
Blue Stripes
Blue Stripes This is one of my favorite tees... do I say that a lot? Haha well why can't your closet be filled with pieces that you love? I also got this at Kohls as part of my back-to-school shopping. As you can see in the 2nd pic, it was a STEAL. $4 bucks? No way. I had to get it.
Stripes with a bit of Floral
Stripes with a bit of Floral I got this top at Kohls and absolutely love it! It was part of my back to school shopping and it's so comfortable. The stripes are the trend right now but the floral lace at the bottom give it a girly vibe :) I also love the pop of color and I am really into crop shirts as well.
Tribal I paired this tribal pink top with a white skirt. There's so much going on in the top that the white body-con skirt calms it down while bringing out the pattern. I paired it with a studded small bag.

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