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$1,000 Best Closet Contest



So what is the $1,000 Best Closet Contest?


You are probably wondering, what should I do now? And what are my chances to win?

Well, as we are beginning to discover, while we are having a lot of people sign up, only a very few take time to put together an actual closet :) And this means that chances to win are pretty good for anyone who puts in a little effort!
So what do you do to make your chances even higher? It is simple :
1. Have FUN adding the clothing and apparel you like into your Wishlist by browsing the boutiques and adding items to it by clicking on "Add To Wishlist" button. The more, the better (Click on image below to enlarge)!
2.  See if you have anything you own and would like to upload into the fashion categories provided! When you upload items, select "Make this item available to be viewed by friends and non friends." (Click on image to enlarge)

3. Write a description of the items you upload in your own words (on besttrendsforever.com our "blogs" are our item/style descriptions)!
(Click on image to enlarge)
Best Trends Forever Fashion Blog

4. Create as many styles as you want using the "Style Me" feature on the website! 
5. Invite friends and get them to like or comment on your styles or items!!! Remember, the more "Loved It!" clicks you get for all of your styles and items, the more of a chance you have to win the main prize!!!
6. Read our updated guidelines by clicking here>>>

The more active and stylish your closet is, the more likely you are to win and receive a title of the "Fashionista Of The Month" by BestTrendsForever.com to display on your blog or to brag about:) But wait!!! If you win, you will get a cool $1,000 in the mail to go with that!!!
Yes, it is that simple! :) And yes, if you want to, your closet will automatically be reentered to participate in our next month's contest!
Feel free to email us with any questions! :)
Your BTF Girl
Not a contest participant? It is not too late!

 Click here to register  or learn more by clicking here!


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Omg Lol I think I got it.haha
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Kate Heimann

So happy to have just signed up! Filling up my closet now! :)
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Megan Gibson

I can't find the email address anywhere?

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michelle endreson

just signed up so happy to have found this site.
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Silva Ashley

Excited to have found this page!! XOXO
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