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Apples vs. Diamonds: Body Shapes


And yes, we are talking about body shapes here. Whether you have a diamond shape body, an hourglass shape body or an apple shape body, one thing is certain, if you don't dress according to your figure type, your fashion look is certain to be a complete disaster. And so we kick off the Fashionista IQ styling series with trying to help you your body type.

Inverted Triangle.
Your body shape is considered to be an inverted triangle (or an apple) if your shoulders are significantly wider, or more athletic looking in comparison to your hips. Your best bet is the kind of clothing that would put take the attention away from your athletic shoulders and enhance your hips by using a few tricks you can find here.

Your body shape is a triangle when your hips appear to be much wider than your shoulders. A stylist will be more likely to recommend a type of clothing that would de-emphasize your hips and create an illusion of a much wider shoulder area. Click here for a simple diagram of what a typical stylist would offer for your body type.

Rectangular (or square) body type means that your shoulders, your waist and your hips are approximately the same size. Click here to learn what a stylist would most likely offer for your body type.

Hourglass body type means... well it means that you have the body that is the easiest to style! A stylist would most likely recommend a type of clothing that will emphasize the features your body already has! Click here for a diagram and possible stylist recommendations.

Diamond is all about the size of the waist! A typical diamond shape body type is the one where waist is much wider than either the top or the bottom. Click here for some of the clothing tips a stylist would offer for this body type.

Oval (or rounded) body type means that your waist is not as well defined and your shoulders and hips appear to be, well... oval. Your body type is a candidate for some creative styling that can involve both color and the use of belts to give your waist a bit more definition. Click here to read more about dressing for oval (rounded) body shape.

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