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The Lies Of The Lines: Going For A Slender Look


In some ways, fashion is about creating skillful illusions. Similar to a magician, masterfully manipulating the audience into seeing only the things it needs to see and hiding the things it see cannot, a master stylist uses all the tools at her disposal to create an illusion of a body, aesthetically fitting to the moment of... whatever.

Lines, lines, lines, it's all about lines. And so to kick this thing off, look at the drawing below, which one of these rectangles appear to be more sleder (it is as if rectangles can ever be fat, lol) :) ?




Now, whether you were trying to cheat by searching for the correct answer below the diagram, or simply decided to wing it, only one answer will always remain correct. Rectangle [1] will always appear slimmer to a human eye, due to the uninterrupted line going diagonally from your left to right, which, actually, believe it or not, makes your brain, subconsciously split your body into two triangular halves.  Hence, your brain automatically nterpretes elongated diagonal lines as a pattern belonging to a slimmer figure. The longer the line, the sharper the downward/upward angle, the slimmer the illusion.

Now, of course, foreseeing that there are may be some naysayers with the I-won't-believe-it-until-I-see-it attitude, I have looked through my recent photo archives to discover the following photos, showcasing the point via colorblocking design style wear. 


Looking for more tips on how read the dress between the lines, whether you are designing a dress or picking one up at the mall for yourself?

Keep checking back as I will be posting another guide shortly. Yes, and this time I mean it :)



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Erica Wolford

This is SO interesting! I never knew that certain lines could make you look taller, smaller, or more slender! All I knew was that horizontal lines can make you look wider! Learn something knew everyday huh? :D

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