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Body Shapes: Inverted Triangle

 Inverted Triangle Body shape is an aesthetically pleasing body shape characterized by wider, somewhat athletic looking shoulders in relation to the rest of the body. Below the photo, we are offering a diagram that should serve as a guide to downplaying the shoulders, while using a couple of tricks to define waist and create some curvature at the bottom. 





To focus on the arms, an inverted triangle (or an apple) is recommended to put more emphasis on arms (possibly using clothing with interesting details on the sleeves such as butterfly sleeves and cap sleeves).  These details tell one to "Hey! look at me".  Any interesting detail on a clothing highligts the body part that it's closest to.  Wearing a flutter sleeve draws the eyes to the arms.  Wearing a V neck draws the eyes on the chest and elongates the neck.  You want to distract the eyes from the torso which is the largest part of the body you want to hide.  The same is true with the Inverted Triangle's legs.  A skirt that shows off legs may be the best bet.  Interesting color of bottoms also takes the eyes away from the torso to the legs or the lower half of the body.  In one example, a printed pair of pants or skirts can be used to take the eyes away from a torse, where a black top can be used.

Eliminating the bulkiness of the torso. This is achieved by putting more emphasis "e" on a waist of the Inverted Triangle's body.  Here is when belts can come in handy.  The belt "breaks up" the heaviness of the torso and thereby slims it down.   Another way of eliminating the bulkiness of the torso is by wearing dark colored tops.  In makeup or painting,  anytime an artist wants to downgrade the focus on an area he is working on,  he paints that area black and when he wants to emphasize something.

To sum up, for the best look, we recommend:

1. A monocromatic scheme for the top with a generous amount of skin showing.

2. More emphasis on arms. If sleeves are worn, we recommend brighter colors or prints. Another way to bring attention to your arms is by wearing a sleeveless top.

3. More emphasis (such as a well defined belt or a defining clothing pattern) at the waist.

4. More color/patterns and, if you comfortable, possibly more skin at the bottom.


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