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November contest ends...

Best Closet Contest



March 2015 $1,000 Contest is now in progress!!!

January 2015 $1,000 Fashionista Of The Month Is Announced! 

Yes, it is that amazing time of the month again when we declare our monthly Best Closet Contest Winner!!! And this time around we have another contestant who had to seem to have the most fun putting together her virtual collection!

One thousand dollars to create the most fashionable closet online?!  Seriously!?

BestTrendsForever.com, the number one fashion website for girls, is giving away $1,000 to a different member with the best sense of style and blogging! 

 All you need to do is:

  1. Register at BestTrendsForever.com!
  2. Create the most fashionable virtual closet!
  3. Be the best at blogging about your items on the website!
  4. Invite as many girlfriends as you can!
  5. Create as many fashionable styles as you can using the "Style Me" feature!

That's all!

One Thousand Dollars! 
This is like a whole shopping spree to blog about!


Besttrendsforever.com: Best Trends For Best Friends

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