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10 Most Outrageous High Heel Shoes of the Decade (Report)


10 Most Outrageous High Heel Shoes of the Decade (Report)

February 27, 2015 ||

There is something for everyone here. The "cake shoes" for the gluttonous, the "slide shoes" for the playful, and then, there are "the boss" shoes for the ones who would probably rather leave all the playfulness behind (well, sort of).  Pricetag, impracticality, and unwearability aside, which one would you pick for your next night out, if you could?

#1. Alien High Heels By Alexander McQueen Interplanetary assignment? An upcoming earthly invasion? BTF copywriter job interview? Either way, you will definitely be catching attention with this shimmering pewter piece of true artwork!

#2. Coffee? By Kobi Levi Gives a new meaning to "running on coffee." Why would you wear a high heel fashion shoe that looks like coffee being poured from a ceramic pot? How does "combining two of my favorite things in this world" answer sound?

#3. Scary Beautiful by Leanie van der Vyver and René van den Berg is not your typical shoe. One can say that it is a high-heel-shoe backward. I say it is high-end-fashion forward.

#4. "The Boss" by Sebastian Errazuriz takes “killer high-heels” literally. It comes complete with knuckles, and its finely-pointed heel can hurt. A fashion piece that is also a weapon. Except in this case it is no longer a metaphor.

#5. Slide by Kobi Levi reminds one that life should not be all work and no play. The colorful pumps come with a pair of tiny stairs before your feet slide off the shoe seat. One look in the mirror and off into the childhood you go. 

#6. Horse Heels by Iris Schieferstein will turn you into a mythical creature, even if for one night only. Just be careful Pan isn’t lurking around the night club bar to catch you.

#7. Eat Cake by Shoe Bakery helps you curb your sweet cravings (or, probably, make them worse, as it would be in my case) by walking in it. If you are a sweet girl, be careful of getting the attention from guys for all the wrong reasons.

#8. Gypsie by Dolce Vita is perfect for days when you can’t make up your mind. It’s a stiletto on a rocking platform; a footwear with a confused identity.


#9. Spikes by Barbara Gongini is not your ordinary, spiky footwear. Your normal black pumps are covered by a sharp-toothed armor that plainly states you’re a stylish threat. Who needs a bodyguard with these on?

10. “Gold Digger” by Sebastian Errazuriz makes you the queen. You get to stand on two Atlases, taking in your weight without uttering a word. Possibly, a metaphor for that special someone who will carry you all the way to the top?

Want to suggest a shoe to be added to the list? Please comment below :)


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