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7 Designers To Follow On Instagram


7 Designers To Follow On Instagram

February 25, 2015 ||

In a way Instagram is a new home and a new runway for fashion designers. Fresh releases from the designer's brand, including images of their daily lives, runway shows and style snapshots are showcased in what seems to be an endless catwalk and we can enjoy looking at their creations without ever setting a foot inside of an exclusive runway show.

Down below, we're listing the top 7 fashion designers we think are worthy of following on Instagram. And as always feel free to add your own suggestions in the comments below.

#1 Thakoon. Thakoon Panigchool is fairly new in the fashion industry business. A mix of Thailand and American heritage gives him the ability to showcase different cultures presented in a variety of design elements. His whimsical, flowy gowns have been seen on many actresses which are featured on his Instagram.

Follow Thakoon: https://instagram.com/thakoonny/


#2 Viktor And Rolf. They are the hashtag #wow, and you got to hand it to the duo. Viktor And Rolf is a brand making waves for their poetic take on fashion that is decisively now what one would consider "fashion mainstream." 

Follow Viktor and Rolf: https://instagram.com/viktor_and_rolf/


#3 Michael Kors. Michael Kors may have been an ex-judge in Project Runway, but no fashion aisle is going to stop him from showcasing his magnificent line of apparel and accessories on his intagram.

Follow Michael Kors: https://instagram.com/michaelkors/


#4 Valentino. There's no denying it; whenever there's a red carpet, someone must be wearing something by Valentino. The 1960-conceived brand is still making waves for its dreamy, royalty-inspired clothing. 

Follow Valentino: https://instagram.com/maisonvalentino/


#5 Rachel Zoe. Formerly a stylist to many celebrities, Rachel Zoe had such a difficult time chosing the perfect clothing for her clients that she started designing them. Together with her family, she posts her fashion escapades on her Instagram account, allowing users to view her personal life, other than watching her on The Rachel Zoe Project.

Follow Rachel Zoe: https://instagram.com/rachelzoe/


#6 Marc Jacobs. More than being an opulent brand, Marc Jacobs infuses his designs with a kick of modern, youthful vibe.

Follow Marc Jacobs: https://instagram.com/marcjacobsintl/

#7 Victoria Beckham
. The former "spice girl" line has a very distinct spice of its own. Posh Spice remains at the top of her game; glamorous, prominent, with her own fashion label. Other than her apparent love for cartoons, see what goes on into her life on her Instagram account (and yes, David Beckham photos are complimentary :) ).


Follow Victoria Beckham: https://instagram.com/victoriabeckham/


Do you have more instagram accounts you love to add to this list? Please comment below :)



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