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7 Fashion Items You Could Be 3D Printing at Home in 2016


7 Fashion Items You Could Be 3D Printing at Home in 2016

August, 2015 | March 25, 2015 | 3D printing is slowly changing the face of fashion in many ways. If you can afford your very own 3D printer in 2016, will this mean that you will be able to print an outfit without ever going to the store? Below is the list of top 7 fashion items you could be 3D printing at home in 2016:


#1. Your very own haute couture dress. Perhaps your wardrobe has been depicting you as the plain Jane with its baggy t-shirts and granny frocks. With 3D printing, you can upgrade your fashion sense by designing your own clothes and making them, without the need for a thread or needle! You can even produce an edgy, haute-couture item to wow everyone on the street. Well, just make sure you won’t be mistaken for Lady Gaga.


#2. Your footwear. Yes, you could now own shoes more than Imelda Marcos can ever dream of. Just recently, an Italian company named Gruppo Meccaniche Luciani showcased its wearable 3D printed footwear in Milan Fashion Week. The collection is made up of bright, colorful footwear which can be modified according to the user's need.  With your 3D printer at hand, you can construct wedges, kitten heels and gladiator sandals to your delight.


#3. Your eyewear.If it’s still a mystery where you last left your eyeglasses, and you wonder where it is right when you need it.,fear not; with the power of 3D printing, you could produce your own glasses at your convenience! Use this opportunity whenever you leave your Ray-Bans in someone else’s car or whenever your favorite pair snaps in the middle.


#4. Your timepiece. If the watch you have been wearing doesn’t match with your personality, and it’s just costly to buy a new one, what will you do? Well, just print it! This watch, in particular, is called JELWEK and infuses a lot of creative materials including wood filaments, mineral glass and fluorescent hands.


#5. Your phone case. So Apple is releasing another version of its phone and you’re itching to buy it. The problem is, when you finally have it right in your palms, you can’t find a case to go with it. To the rescue is your 3D printer, which helps you design the cover with the color and design of your choice. No matter how many different phones you’ll have in the future, you’ll have the right phone case to suit its size and your style.


#6. Your jewelry. Say goodbye to buying those geometric-inspired necklaces and bangles. Once you have your own 3D printer, you could do those accessories yourself, and it wouldn’t cost you a buck! There is a special type of 3D printer that allows you to print gold on items, so you could talk about karats with pride while showing off your new bling.


#7. Your purse. Ditch your old tote for a new sling bag you designed, and printed. It may not be leather, but it’s fun, sassy and definitely artistic. You could have your own collection of bags without feeling guilty of purchasing them for thousands of dollars. From clutches to bucket bags, you could discover different purse potentials with this next generation invention.


BONUS: Your Bikini. The first 3D Printed bikini just headed out on the beach for a swimming spree, and it looks like the attempt is riding the waves successfully. There’s also a jab at 3D printing undergarments too! Now what could you be 3D printing next?


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