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Boutique Of The Week: Ania Trica


Boutique Of The Week: Ania Trica


March 20, 2015

For Ania Trica, an environmental/interior designer based in Toronto, jewelry making began as an accident and quickly turned into a labor of love. 

Q. Where do you get your inspiration?

“I take a lot of my inspiration from nature, the Toronto urban landscape and fashion, in this way my jewelry also encapsulates my observations about things or objects.”

“I try to see beauty in all aspects of life,” Ania explains. "My jewelry is an observation of that beauty, or what I deem beautiful. I hope my pieces make others see things in a different way.”

“I have a fine arts background and I love painting and sculpture. Each of the pieces, or small sculptures, as I call them, and even beads you see featured on my jewelry have been thoughtfully designed and hand sculpted.”

“The process begins with an idea or a thought that is then drawn into my sketchbook. Once I imagine the intricacies of a piece, I think of how to make it and what materials to use. I usually work with polymer clay (this has been a favorite material of mine since childhood) and sculpt and make my pieces and beads. Once the pieces are baked I play with different bead arrangements and then the various beads and objects are fastened together with chains, links, findings, cord or hemp.”


Q. Whenever you sculpt each piece, do you try to follow a particular trend? 

“With so much stuff and information coming from the media and the runway, it is important to find your own style. What speaks to you, do you connect with anything in particular?  Discovering your personal style will help you better understand yourself.  

Style is not just the clothes we put on, a style can say many definitive things about a person; what they like or even what their priorities are. My jewelry is not only an expression of my style but also an observation of how I see things.”

Q.  How about those who are going to wear your jewelry? What would you tell them?

“I hope my pieces make you feel beautiful and cool. I hope you look at life and notice the little things that make it beautiful and interesting.”


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