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Boutique Of The Week: NT Handmade


Boutique Of The Week: NT Handmade

NT Handmade: besttrendsforever.com

February 20, 2015

“When the soul lies down in that grass
the world is too full to talk about.”
- Rumi


It' about taking a deep breath. It’s about stopping time. It’s about keeping the moment. It’ about not taking for granted what you already have. 

You walk down your favorite path and then, suddenly, you notice a color. A color of something painted by the sun. Maybe it’s bright yellow. Or crisp blue. Or rich purple. Or simply white. Whatever it is, it is something that will only be there for a moment. What could it be? A chamomile that opened itself to be noticed by a passing bee? A dahlia that bloomed for a bird flying over? Or could it be the only flower that was only meant to be seen by you at just that one moment in time?

NT handmade: besttrendsforever.com Best Trends Forever

As kids we are always fascinated by flowers. We pick them and carry them around to show them to others. When we are kids, flowers make us happy and inspired, but sadly never for too long. As their colors vanish, we lose the feeling we experienced not too long ago. The inspiration goes away.

It doesn’t have to be like that.

NT handmade: besttrendsforever.com  || Best Trends Forever

Nikola’s and Teodora’s store is about preserving those brief moments of happiness and inspiration through their work. Both first came to U.S. from Bulgaria and after spending some time in Chicago moved to Colorado, a place where so much of nature is still intact.

“My wife Teodora and I, we both love traveling and we adore nature and it's beauty,” says Nikola. “Nature is what inspires us to create.”

NT Handmade || Best Trends Forever || BestTrendsForever.com


The idea of turning flowers into timeless keepsakes through jewelry turned into months of experimenting with various tools and materials to get the process down to science. “It took us about 6 months to get it right to a point that we were happy of the final result,” Nikola explains.

It was not an easy journey, but today, Nikola's and Teodora's boutique is one place where flowers don’t have to lose colors and inspiration is easy to share.


To visit NT Handmade boutique please visit www.NThandmade.com 


NT Handmade Etsy Store

Best Trends Forever NT handmade




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kathrina bangalan

oh gosh this is amazing :) I love the rings
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Ty Az

I looked at their website and I think the blue ones are bracelets :) and they are beautiful

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