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Announcing: Best Trends Forever Fashion Week!


Announcing: Best Trends Forever Fashion Week!

03/04/2015 "BTF Fashion Week" is the fashion week that never ends! We've put our minds together and decided to, hmm, somewhat, organize all the exciting articles and posts we will be posting here very shortly.

We will be starting each and every one of our BTF weeks with amazing, legendary, prize-winning, contest-filled "Weekend Wins!"  We have done many contests in the past and "Weekend Wins" is where you can find them! We will be announcing many of our contests and contest winners here!


Quotes, advice, exciting news and, basically whatever you need to start your week with a bang on BestTrendsForever.com


Top BTF looks, top fashionistas, top bloggers, top trends, you name it. Friday is only 3 days away and this is a perfect time to think of your next #outfitoftheday!


Let's look into our archives and take a look at all the amazing articles and styling tips that received the most views in 2015.

The weekend is almost here and this is a perfect time for any marketing insight for your store, boutique or  a fashion blog :)

Our featured Boutique of The Week! If you would like to submit yours, click here to find out more :)


As always please feel free to submit your suggestions below :)


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