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Boutique Of The Week: Tide Together


Boutique Of The Week: Tide Together

Sometimes things in life just Tide Together.

We started beach-combing a lot as a family when my son was about two. My boyfriend Ryan is an artist and he suggested I start making things with the items we found. I felt like the beach items I found really straddle the line between organic and upcycled components to work with. They are at once historic, mysterious, and improved by nature.

This is when I began researching jewelry techniques and creating pieces for family and friends. As I have learned more about making jewelry, I have branched out to give other materials a second chance in life. Old jewelry and clothing have been revamped into new accessories. I was quite surprised when a local boutique offered to carry my pieces on commission.


I try to create pieces that speak to the powerful sparks living in all of us. Bohemian, Wanderlust, Artistic, Survival, Modern, Imaginative, Unique; all the traits that give us joy through our daily routines. I try to create something that speaks to the internal power that is our authentic spirit.

My pieces are for collecting, not for a single season wear and discard. The only fashion trend that never loses style is confidence.   My accessories allow people to display their inner power; giving them style that they can wear boldly through the years. 

What I have learned is that the true way to stay ahead in fashion is by collecting pieces that speak to your unique style and using current trends to choose the pieces that express your individual self.


To visit Tide Together boutique please visit www.TideTogether.com 


Tide Together Etsy Store



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Ty Az

I just love those heart earrings. They are beau-ti-ful!!!! :)
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Fashion & Latte

I really love the concept. I love the DIY section on their website as well.

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