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Boutique of The Week! Tell Us About Your Boutique or Store Here!


Boutique of The Week! Tell Us About Your Boutique or Store Here!

March 3, 2015 | Boutique Of The Week

Are you a boutique owner? Is your boutique awesome and unique? 

Does your boutique ship to customers in the US and UK?

Here is what we need to get your boutique featured:

It doesn't matter if your boutique is on Etsy or on the corner of 27th and Fashion Avenue in New York, we would like to tell the world about you! We promote our articles to both all of our users as well as on social networks (Twitter, etc) at no charge to you :)

We are looking for something one of a kind, unique, amazing, breath-taking, fashionable, trendy, hm... you get the point :)

We are also looking for something that has an interesting story. Yes, we know, everyone and everything has a story, but what we are looking for a story of how a small "Aha" moment in your life turned an idea into a unique piece of jewelry, a dress, an inspiring design and hm... you get the point :)

How To Submit Your Boutique:

1. Send us your website to Max at content@besttrendsforever.com. We have to make sure that it is an actual store that sells interesting items/art.  

2. If your store is picked by our team, you will receive a confirmation email (or DM on Twitter) where you have to be ready to answer the following 4 questions in just a few sentences:

- What was your "Aha" inspiration moment?

-  How does your boutique relates to the way you view fashion or life in general?

-  Any production obstacles (finding a space, resources, help, inspiration)?

-  Anything you would like to say to your customers to inspire them or give the advice?

3. Please send us some photos you would like to showcase as well as your profile photo (optional) so that we can create necessary graphics :)

That's it! When all is done and you approve your article, simply relax and watch your traffic grow ;)


Good luck and don't forget to start by emailing your webstie to Max at content@besttrendsforever.com !


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