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Best Trends Forever Uploader App For iPhone is Released This Week!


Best Trends Forever Uploader App For iPhone is Released This Week!

Best Trends Forever Photo Uploader for iPhone

Best Trends Forever Photo UploaderNow winning contests, blogging and participating on BTF is easier then ever!!! :)

Finally! Our first attempt at creating an effective photo uploader for iPhone is released and we are excited to present our very own Best Trends Forever Uploader, available on iTunes store today! (And yes, Android uploader is on its way!)
Whether you like something you see at the store, or if you would like to upload a dress from your closet or create a quick lookbook for your blog on BestTrendsForever.com, our photo uploader will let you take a photo or upload a picture either directly from your iPhone gallery, change it with couple of patent-pending filters and post it directly onto your account!
Once the photos are uploaded you can log into your account on besttrendsforever.com website, view them, create styles and do whatever it is you would like to do!
Please feel free to submit whatever questions or comments you have below.
*Please note that this application is an uploader only:)  A full blown application for best trends forever will be coming later, so please don't give us bad reviews simply because you expect something else from the application ;)

Download your very own BTF photo uploader here!


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Vika D

I have been waiting for this app for soooo long!! :)
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Sonya Bloch

Where do I click to love it? :)

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