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Find Your Color 101: Free eBook That Reveals it All


Find Your Color 101: Free eBook That Reveals it All

Best Trends Forever || A Fabulous Hue

February 23, 2013 |

It is another full day of downtown shopping. Another day of riding the glass elevators at your favorite mega mall until your final stop at a Starbucks coffee shop, when you try to sip on a Decaf Mocha while attempting to hold on to what seems to be a gazillion shopping bags in your hand. It is not until you are finally back home, suddenly that you come to that disappointing realization that about a half of the things you fell in love with earlier during the day probably, will be sitting (or hanging) in your closet for the remainder of  eternity.

That is, of course, unless you make another trip through those glass doors of the mall, upstairs, where the returns and exchange section of the customer service is located. 

Audible sigh.


Why is it that things that seemed to look absolutely phenomenal on a faceless store mannequin, do not look nearly as good when you bring it home? Or why is it that when the dress that looks absolutely gorgeous on a celebrity, looks totally hideous when you attempt to try it on in a fitting room? Is it because everything simply looks good and fashionable whenever a celebrity wears it? How could it be that so often, so many hours of shopping yield so little that after countless pieces you have tried on, you end up leaving all of them behind? And what about all those people who seem to spend so much less time and money on shopping look so amazingly stunning whether they are dressing for work or for a girl’s night out? 

Is there a secret?

Best Trends Forever || Fabulous Hue


Find Your Color 101: The eBook That Reveals It All

As it turned out there are several basic principles when it comes to choosing the right type of stylish clothing just for you and no, surprisingly, you don't have to change your style. You may, however, want to adjust or completely change your colors according to the research we have done .

We at BTF spent several months putting together an eBook we originally called "Find Your Color 101," since the main idea behind this book is to help fashion designers and fashionistas to find a combination of colors specific just to them based on each individual's skin tone, hair color and eye palette. However, later we changed the official title to "A Fabulous Hue: a Guide to Picking Your Best Colors Every Time You Shop" (a word play on "fabulous you," of course) to underline individuality of each person when it comes to choosing the style and color that fits them. 


Yes, You Can Download Our eBook

As soon as the eBook was done, our fashion team split into two camps. The first camp was trying to argue that the eBook should be available for purchase. And yet, the other memebers were trying to insist that the book should be free for all BTF members.

In the end we met in the middle.

What we decided to do is to offer this eBook at no charge only to the next 10,000 members who register with Best Trends Forever and as of right now we only have a very limited number of free eBooks to give away and you just may be one of the few final visitors to this website to get it.


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