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Purpose Driven Fashion


Purpose Driven Fashion

Yes, we finally did it! We caught up with our founder, who is also our BTF Girl to answer our questions about fashion, BestTrendsForever.com and her vision for the “BTF Project.”

Q:  Ok, what is the deal with the “BTF Girl”? Will she ever be revealed?

A:  The idea is simple. In essence, “BTF Girl” is not about representing a specific identity, but rather it is about representing a rather abstract concept of this new, social age of fashion. I guess, what I am trying to say is that, in some shape or form there is a Best Trends Forever Girl inside all of us. The idea of the BTF Girl being your friend as soon as you register has a metaphoric aspect to it. She is there not to tell anyone what fashion is all about, but rather to be a friend on this never ending journey of discovering deeper layers of fashion.

Q: What do you think is the most addictive ingredient of fashion?
A:  It may not seem like it at first, but true fashion is a very unique form of art. It is really not like anything else we know. Unlike your typical work of art or a music masterpiece, fashion most closely reflects the beauty of the world we live in, because of its unique fragility. I am talking about seasonality of fashion, of course. When I was a little girl playing in the garden we had next to our house I always wondered why would God create this colossal magnitude of beautiful flowers all over the planet Earth, only to let most of them die as soon the season is over. This is when it dawned on me that if we were to see the same flowers over and over again, we will never be appreciative of what has been given to us. Our senses of perception of light, color, smells and tastes keep us alive and excited about living for as long as we appreciate the fragility of things around us. And to me fashion, in many ways, mimics nature. It is sexy, it is omnivorous, it is constantly changing and it makes us want to create and stay close to beautiful things even at times when life seems to be taking us for quite a spin. Hey, we’ve all been there (laughs).

Q: Do you see yourself as an artist?
Q: Oh, yes of course. Every true fashionista should see herself as an artist. When I wake up in the morning, I am a blank canvas looking in the mirror painting a new girl in my own reflection, from scratch with the palette of colors I find in my makeup kit, among my tops, my bottoms, my shoes, etcetera.  And whether you are 15, 25 or 105 if you are a true fashionista, you are your own canvas, your own artist and your own masterpiece to be admired by the world for who you truly are.

[to be continued]


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Millie Mendez

Wow, inspiring!
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I Couldn't agree more ,
:-) I have an issue /I guess you could say OCD when it comes to me and my everyday routine of choosing my masterpiece of never wearing the same thing twice  ....meaning it might me same clothing items but put together in creating a new out fit/ look in a whole new and unique way.! (I refuse to look the same way everyday) most people say whatever, but why when it is so much fun .
It is what is LOL and
 that is what makes me my unique self.
I love every second of it .:)

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