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7 Reasons Why You Should Guest Blog and 1 Downside.


7 Reasons Why You Should Guest Blog and 1 Downside.

It became "like-me-and-I-will-like-you-back" type of a deal.

It became dreadful.

It became not authentic.

It became a copy of a copy of a copy.

I am not against "likes." I am not against promoting your own products. However, when we had the idea of creating Best Trends Forever, we wanted it to be fun, original and, most importantly authentic. If I was to draw a spectrum trying to pinpoint the most creative fashion bloggers, it appears that some of the more creative ones still have a very limited following, while some of the "blah-blogs," as I call them, have thousands and thousands of "like-me-and-I-will-like-you-back" followers, who appear to care more about likes and less about the content.

We would like to start changing things by opening free guest blogging opportunity to our readers.

The idea is not to charge money to promote your blog or a specific link as it is commonly done today. The idea is to introduce our readers to interesting bloggers, fashion designers and boutiques who have something interesting to say and we, in return, will introduce and promote them to our BTF users. Guest blogging on BestTrendsForever.com is free and below are the 7 big reasons why you should consider being one of our guest bloggers.

Whether you are an awesome and unique beginner fashion designer, a fashion blogger, or a new and trendy boutique, as you may already know, you need to have a solid audience of site visitors who are obsessed with trends and fashion. Guest blogging means more comments on your BTF blog and more comments on your original blog (as long as you provide a link as a part of your blog). Since we advertise BTF on Twitter and Google, you will automatically get more traffic, although how much traffic you will get will depend on the quality of your blog.


If you are a small boutique owner who has not done any blogging before, guest blogging is a perfect opportunity to start introducing yourself to new audience and begin building what we call "Topic Influencer" credibility. If you are known for, let's say, a handmade jewelry, this is your opportunity share with others some (but, most definitely, not all) of your how-tos with our readers.


It only makes sense that bloggers whose content is liked by our users will get more visitors to their external content, be it on BestTrendsForever.com or direcly on their website.


Don't ask for shares. If your content is good, unique and original, "shares'' will come, be it through Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest, you name it.

If your content is "organically" shared by those who are part of the BTF community, it means that all of their followers will likely see and, hopefully, comment on your post(s) as well.

Search engines like Google are built on a ranking system that prioritizes websites that have more external links. Guest blogging means more links and, of course, higher search engine ranking.


Whether you are a freelance blogger or a social media manager, guest blogging is another way to help you build your existing writing portfolio as well as sharpen your existing skills. Adding "BestTrendsForever.com" Contributor to your resume or your Twitter profile is just another way to strengthen your personal or your company's brand.


If you are a fashion blogger and your blog is accepted and published on BestTredsForever.com, chances are, you will be able to secure even more guest-blogging offers to promote your brand and strengthen your portfolio, as well as promote your unique products.


Yes, of course, guest blogging has a downside. If for some reason your blog is rejected (i.e. deemed to be too commercial, off topic, or if it doesn't contain valuable material for our readers) you may feel like you wasted your time. However, even if this is the case, you will still be able to publish your content on your own blog or a website, so this only downside, as it turns out, is no downside at all.


While we will soon have an official page on best tips for guest bloggers, as of right now, the basic rules are as follows:

  1. Prior to your content being published you should have an account with BestTrendsForever.com with complete avatar and at least 4 items in your virtual "closet," so that our users know that you are a real person.
  2. Your guest blogging post should be fashion/design related.
  3. Your guest blogging post should relay your personal experience.
  4. Your guest blogging post should contain useful and interesting information for our readers.
  5. It should contain no less then 2 high resolution images related to your post.
  6. While your post can contain external links, it cannot contain excessive and obscene links (i.e. links to dating websties, etc.). Links to your website, blog or your store will be accepted.

Once we receive your content, we may format and redesign your images and text to match the main theme of our website.

Our guest blogging is free. If you would like to become our guest blogger please send an email to Max at besttrendsforever@yahoo.com.

If you have any general questions or comments, feel free to ask them below.

Good luck and we can't wait to hear from you! :)



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