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Yes, We're Open! Now What??? Boosting Your Fashion Store Sales With BTF (Part 1)


Yes, We


March 14, 2015

Ok, most of us already know that starting a fashion boutique is difficult, but not nearly as difficult as promoting it and getting the customers in the door. Well, this is exactly why here at BestTrendsForever.com starting a new and promoting your existing boutique is crazy easy and, best of all, its absolutely free!


It's All About Conversion.

If you have tried to use Google's AdWords to promote your store, you may have already realized that at $2.75(!) per click (*keyword 'fashion'), there is only a limited number of stores who can afford to use Google to drive traffic to their websites. We all know these guys: Elle magazine, eBay and the like. Now how about all the guys who do not have $2.75 to throw away?

This is where Best Trends Forever comes in. With us you can promote your store for free, no strings attached, post up to 100 items, get up to 100 unique visitors to your store per day and save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on advertisement monthly!

So, how does it work? Here is a short video from one of our contributors: 

Promote your boutique with your own tutorials, participate in fashion emergencies and respond to blogs! You can also promote your store, your items, or your brand with our patent-pending styling and personalized blogging! But that's not all.  Simplify promotion by pinning things on Pinterest or share them with Facebook buttons, shop & haul pages and more!!! Be fun, be creative, be original, register as a boutique today and start seeing more visitors and customers today (your dashboard will even count the clicks for you)!


What If I Already Have an Online Store?

The beauty of BestTrendsForever.com is in its compatability with other online stores. You can link the items you upload on BTF boutique platform to your existing listing on eBay, Etsy or simply link them to your PayPal account. This will allow you to organize all of the items you sell in different stores by having them all in one place! BTF will track your most clicked items and you can link each item with your BTF blog or make it a part of your lookbook. You just sit back while and watch your customer traffic grow. How awesome is that?


Why Is BTF Free?

We have recently made a decision to open BestTrendsForever.com to all independent fashion stores selling truly unique items at no charge. The reason? We want to create the awesomest place for all fashionistas in the Universe to hang out! For now there is a limit of 100 items you can post, but we are planning to expand it in the very near future :)

We have recently simplified our approval process and opened registration to everyone! Result? New registration spots are up for grabs :)

If you are starting a brand new boutique or if you are an owner of an established boutique, you are about to find out why BTF boutiques are a lot of fun and a perfect way to bring more customers to your doors and spice up your fashion business with a whole lot of fun and creativity! And all of it is free!

Here you can be as creative as you want to be!

So How Do I Register to Start a New or Connect My Existing Fashion Store?


If you have any questions, please feel free to ask them below in our comment section :)


Have fun, be creative, and let's sell some stuff!


BTF Girl


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