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10 Most Outrageous Handbags of the Decade (Report)


10 Most Outrageous Handbags of the Decade (Report)

March 11, 2015

Everyone has their toys. When it comes to top fashion designers, they seem to love making their own, except their playground may be a bit more unique and, of course, a bit more pricey. Our Top Most Outrageous 10 list is another testimony to one unique quality so many designers have in common: always being kids at heart. With this, let us begin:

#1. Jump from Paper's First Date Bag. The inventive crew of Jump from Paper has created a unique collection of bags that doesn't look like it. Why, it appears to be made out of cardboard, right out of a cartoon series! It's a perfect April Fool’s joke, in a really fashionable way.

#2. What on Earth's Armadillo Bag. Why carry a Chihuahua when you can show off an armadillo? This cute guy emulates the real deal and comes complete with the armored skin and tail.

#3. Chanel's Hula Hoop Bag. Karl Lagerfield certainly popped out a nice surprise on his S/S Collection in Paris Fashion Week back in 2012. Nested within two giant hula hoop like rings is a white quilted Chanel bag, a definite showstopper that would literally push anyone else on the way. No news about this item hitting the shelves yet but if it does, wearers should have a specific lane of their own.

#4. Clucktch Bag. Domesticated darlings will love this rubber chicken purse. Firebox's chicken handbag is the first of fowl fashion and has taken celebrities and bloggers' interest by storm. It doesn't lay eggs, but it works as an awesome conversation piece unless you're henpecked.

#5. Krukru Studio's Watering Can Bag. A gardener with a green thumb certainly needs to keep a water can nearby, all the time. Well, who knows what you can grow with this strangely unique felt bag? Strutting down the street with this item may make you look funny, that is, until observers realize the joke's on them!

#6. Agabag's Brick Bag. This bag is a proof that you can make everything with LEGO blocks. A bright, summery handbag made out of a mosaic of colors: what's not to love? Hopefully, none of the bricks fall apart overtime; in case that happens, you’ll always have a toy store nearby to embellish your accessory with new blocks!

#7. Joao Sabino's Keyboard Bag. This item is probably designed for the geeks who cannot be separated from their keyboards. It’s one way of memorizing the QWERTY lineup and still being chic at the same time! Available in many colors, including black, red, pewter and the old-school white.

#8. Kate Spade's Hello Shanghai Bag. Remember the last time you bought your favorite dumplings down the nearest Chinatown? This bag looks similarly like it, although not as cheap! This Chinese inspired bag is from Kate Spade and is inspired from take-away boxes.

#9. James Piatt's Gun Bag. It's the statement bag that explicitly says, "I'm armed and dangerous." Although you won't be carrying firearms with this unique piece, you'd be calling the shots every time you hit the road.  Talk about intimidating!


#10. Louis Vuitton Pooch Bag. While this isn't an item directly designed by the prominent fashion brand, it's still work the look or two. Artist Meryl Smith created this charming canine purse for an exhibition. With its little paws and soft black eyes begging for a small pat, how can you not adore this bag at all?


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Victoria Moore

I've loved unusual bags for years, so when I saw this floral number at "Goodwill Thrift Store" I knew I had to have it.

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