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Outsmarting The Fashion Industry


Outsmarting The Fashion Industry


The Fashion Industry


by BTF Girl | February 11, 2015

Have you ever been in a fashion situation when you just made an online garment purchase and as soon as you wear it, you suddenly feel outdated because another style or trend suddenly pops up on the same website?  

Or do you ever feel like you were just at the same store yesterday and the next day all the clothes in the store seem a lot different from just the day before?  

Before you start wondering if it's just you or them, I'm gonna tell you straight up, it's them.  And by " them" I mean the fashion giants particularly what we call the fast fashion giants: big chain fashion retailers that sell trendy and stylish clothes for the masses, and they are everywhere!  I am sure you are even wearing one of their clothing pieces at the time of the writing of this blog.

Like fast food chains that sell fast, cheap food but lack the nutritional value,  fast fashion chains sell affordable trendy clothes that are really lacking in the quality department.  That's because their business mantra is to sell myriads and myriads of clothing pieces for cheap and what they are lacking in the huge price tag of their items they certainly make up for in volume.

That is why to survive they need to change their styles literally everyday.

They would have new style deliveries twice weekly or even everyday at their stores or would put up new styles on their websites like almost every second it seems like.  This would make us feel outdated so fast because they change their trends faster than we change our clothes!  

As a result, we, the consumers, would have to come back and buy more clothes from them to keep up with their fast trend-changing pace.   And if you thought that the top that  you just purchased yesterday should have been washed using the "cold" setting in you washer so as not to have its fuschia color turn to baby pink so fast that you now have to use it as a rug,  good news, that was not just you, either.

You see, these garments are made with the slightest care to color longevity as well as fabric quality and are made to be practically disposable to maintain the business models of these fast fashion retailers.

So what do you do now, if you are a low budget fashion savvy girl?  How do you stay fashionable without  having to cater to these bottomline-conscious fast fashion giants?

1.  Look into online auctions.  If you go on ebay, you can find quality designer clothing at reasonable prices.  Yes,  these pieces may be slightly used but you know that they have a much longer lifespan because the big designers who sold them at a very hefty price really put their thought on the quality of the garment they put out.  These high end designers will not put their signature on something that falls apart fast.  So take advantage of the opportunity of having a luxury quality piece at a fraction of the cost by going to an online auction. Also timing is key when it comes to online auctions. I once nabbed an awesome Mcqueen piece at 2 a.m.(!) on ebay because everybody in the US was probably sleeping at the time and I was the only one bidding!

2.  Get into the habit of "MyHabit".  In the past couple of years,  I have seen these flash designer sale websites pop up everywhere on the internet.  Websites such as MyHabit, Ideeli, Rue La La and Gilt give us the opportunity to own high end pieces during these flash sale events.  

3. Visit your local consignment stores.   Vintage is all the rage nowadays.  Be like your favorite celeb and own a good piece of designer clothing without the price tag by frequenting consignment stores.  The fact that these vintage pieces are still intact after years have elapsed means that their good quality have really withstood the test of time.  

 4.  Save up and purchase more expensive but better quality classic pieces.   The best trends are those that last forever.  You can never go wrong with a white button down shirt or a classic cut little black dress.  Why not go to higher end clothing stores to purchase classic pieces instead of buying a bunch of cheap, low quality, disposable pieces.  In the end you might actually save more money by buying more expensive quality pieces because they last forever.

5.  Don't shy away from luxury department stores. Just because you are a commoner like me does not mean you have to stay away from the Neimans like it's the Queen of London.  These places are actually a lot more middle-class friendly than we think.  Especially during a change of fashion season,  you may be able to nab a luxury piece for pennies on the dollar.  I remember scoring a Proenza Schouler dress 90 % off just because the store had to make space for their new fall pieces.

So these are just a few ideas to stick it to them fast fashion retailers! Finally, we no longer have to be at the mercy of these fashion giants just by following these few tested fashion tricks.


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