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Posing A Strike: How To Pose for a Lookbook (a


Posing A Strike: How To Pose for a Lookbook (a

Best Trends Forever : Posing a Strike

February 28, 2015

Spend a day looking for a perfect outfit.

Spend hours in front of a mirror making sure everything works together like magic.

Find a perfect location to take your best lookbook photo. Check.
Lights. Camera...

Effective posing for a lookbook can make or break your blog. The very look that appears to be a stroke of a designer genius in front of the mirror has a potential to become an utter disaster when looked through a lense of a camera. So who is to blame when a photo disaster strikes? A model? A dress? Or a photographer?

Similarly to choosing a dress, choosing a particular pose in a photoshoot will depend on which part of your look you are trying to empahasize and which one you are trying to downplay.

Your posture, the positioning of your hands, your head, your legs, as well as how you position your accessories will allow you to play with the semantics of your overall look. This is why we are now putting together a series of articles that will focus on helping you discover your own style of posing.

A Very "Handy" Rule

It is more of an instinct than anything else for us, as humans, to pay extra close attention to the hands of another. On a very primal level we look at another person's hands as something that can either cause us a great deal of harm, or show us a great deal of affection. It is no surprise that in most cultures, the sign of a marital commitment, a wedding ring, is worn on a hand. So what does all this have to do with how we see hands in fashion?

When not looking directly at the camera, the position of your hand will establish the main focus of your look. An open hand positioned next to your face will focus a viewer's attention on the upper part of your look (your makeup, your top, your upper body jewelry), whereas an open hand positioned at the level of your hips will shift a focus of your lookbook towards the lower part of your outfit. It is important to note that a raised hand will always take a priority over a lowered hand, however if both hands are lowered while holding and object, it will direct the attention of a viewer towards the object being held.

Please check back soon for more posing tips. Feel free to reply with your own photo and we just may reward our most active users with the gift card of our choosing  :) 


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Millie Mendez

Okay, so here is my attempt!
Since the skirt and tights are the main focus, I positioned my hands at the lower half of my body. This way the emphasis is put on the bottom half of me. This is my first time doing something like this. I hope you like it! Thank you for sharing the information; it was really helpful and fun to do. I look forward to reading the rest of the rules to "posing a strike!". :)
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Mia Yague

Thanks for this blog!! :)
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Hmmmm....I think black and white will possible be  my fave of not seeing all the possible flaws lol  
any feedback will always help anyone ?
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Victoria Moore

I love posing in vintage or retro clothes because they really represent my style.

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