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Spring 2015: The 'Low End' High End Fashion Trend You Need To Know About (Comment & Win a Jimmy Choo Clutch!)


Spring 2015: The

by Ty Az


The "It" Bag and a Girl From Sociology Class

Whenever a girl vies for the latest “it” bag, it is probably because she wants to be the girl of the moment among her peers.  That’s because the latest “it” bag is hard to get.  You’ve got to be on a waiting list and if you’re on the same list as Olivia Palermo and you are able to get your hands on the “it” bag even before she does, then you truly deserve the status of an “it” girl.

Because the “it” bag is what separates a girl from the rest of her fashionista friends.  Sure they have an expensive Chanel quilted bag but so does the girl from Sociology class and that girl over at the tanning salon.  Any such bag you can find ubiquitously hanging from every fashionista girl’s arm,  does not elevate one to the status of “it”-ness.  For the “it” bag is just that: not only expensive but also elusive.

The "It" Bag and the Common Girl

The “it” bags are vied for not only by the super-rich who can easily afford them but also by anybody fashionable, regardless of their social status, though for the latter, of course, it requires a lot more personal sacrifices.  If for the billionaire daddy’s little girl, such bag is but a drop of change for the mi Papa, for the common girl like most of us, vying for the “it” girl status could mean lots of overtime work at the local flower shop or saving up bus allowance for a whole year and walking in the blizzard-y winter cold knowing for sure that such hardships will one day land her on the “it” girl list with the latest “it” bag.  

The “it” girl status truly is a fair game and it is not only for the super-rich but also for the persevering any one of us.


The "Low-End" High End "It" Bags of 2015

But there are “it” fashion pieces shown on the Spring 2015 runways that could be bringing some of our “it” girls to pass up their status this coming Spring.  These “it” bags are very quirky and represent the opposite side of luxury.  These “it” bags actually went all the way to the very opposite side of the luxury spectrum to the very realms of the society our “it” girls would normally not be associated with (see below). 

The likes of Moschino, Anya Hindmarch,  Charlotte Olympia have all joined this new quirky fashion trend which juxtaposes what represents the affordable with the expensiveness of their luxury brands.  


Moschino McDonald’s bag


Anya Hindmarch Kellogg’s Cornflakes bag


Kate Spade Chinese takeout bag.



Ashish plastic bag

So, my question is, if you are/were super-rich, would you be using your connections to be the first ones to get a hold of these quirky, "low-end" style bags?  And for those of us girls who are just into the latest bags of the moment but don’t necessarily  belong to the elite,  would you sacrifice skipping a thousand Mcdonald’s lunches just to get your hands on a Moschino Mcdonald’s bag? Would you actually go almost homeless to look “homeless” sporting one of Ashish’s sequined plastic bag bags?

Would you sacrifice all these to be the latest “it” girl? I have been truly bogged down by these questions so  I wanna hear from you fashionistas out there.  

Be the last one to reply to this question below :) by December 30, 2014 in the comment section in order to win this unique Jimmy Choo clutch:) Last one to comment wins! :)



Good luck and thanks for your comments :)!


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Fashion & Latte

Why not? fine, they look cheap from afar, but they do look pretty expensive up close. Just my 2 cents :)
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Ty Az

I am still "iffy"about dropping that kind of money for a bag. And for bags these styles? More so. I know there's an art behind rhe concept but still expensive just to convey "art"
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Renee Soto

I kinda like the Coca Cola guy:) I don't care what he wears:) and I hope I win:)
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Wendy Her

I like the Chinese bag, looks awesome. The clutch is cool as well! Answering the questions about sacrifice, I sincerely wouldn't sacrifice  in order to get a bag, haha. My health is more important than material things, but still I want to get that clutch, lol
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Sana Farhat

I LOVE ALL THE BAGS (: i hope i win 
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houyem xu

Cornflakes nbsp;,  plastic bag , McDonald
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BTF Girl

Hey girls, the contest is now over:) It is 11:59 CST and the person who commented before this post is now, officially the winner of the Jimmy Choo's clutch!!! Congratulations!! And we will be in touch with you shortly!


~ Your BTF Girl :)
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Victoria Moore

I am a handbag freak, and if I had the money I would definitely buy one of those it bags, but since I don't I satisfy my lust at thrift and off-price stores where I find really cute and quirky bags that're just as stylish.
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Victoria Moore

I am a handbag freak, and if I had the money I would definitely buy one of those it bags, but since I don't I satisfy my lust at thrift and off-price stores where I find really cute and quirky bags that're just as stylish.

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