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Top Fashion Bloggers Of 2015 How To Submit Your Blog


Top Fashion Bloggers Of 2015 How To Submit Your Blog

Best Trends Forever: Top Fashion Bloggers

February 21, 2015

Tooting Your Own Horn 101 

When it comes to tooting our own horn, most of us adhere to the belief that, in general, it is not a good idea. However, here at BTF we believe that tooting our horn is not only not a bad idea, but actually, is an idea that is to be encouraged, as long as you have something to, well, toot about.

Example #1. For example's sake, when it comes to, let's say, searching for "best trends," "tooting" simply for the sake of "tooting" is definitely bad, while "tooting" about the fact that BTF comes up as the #1 search result on Bing.com and Yahoo.com when you search for "best trends" is, actually, quite impressive.

Example #2. While some may think that "tooting" about the fact that BTF comes up as the #2 :( search result on Google.com when you  search for "best trends" is a good idea, we at BTF don't think that tooting about it is appropriate at all. Clearly, we got some work to do.

Example #3. When it comes to having a unique and exciting blog on blogspot, bloglovin or whatever-else-spot and whatever-else-lovin we at BTF believe that your blog deserves to be known and we are here to help.

As always.


BTF's Top 2015 Fashion Bloggers List

Yes, it's true: in just a few short weeks Best Trends Forever will be announcing a list of top fashion/trend bloggers of 2015. Our team will be judging blogs based on overall creative approach, content and, of course, website design. Top bloggers will also get an opportunity to guest blog on BTF and, as always we will be promoting the list via fashion related social media outlets.


How To Submit Your Blog

While you are welcome to link to your blog in our comment section below, your blog will not be officially submitted until we recieve an email from you by March 31st 2015! And, as always, please send your email to Max, who is our marketing and content coordinator at content@besttrendsforever.com.

What we need is:

  1. The name of your blog and the address.
  2. A short description what your blog is about

Prior to sending a submission you have to register for BTF with your real avatar and your real email so that we know you are a real deal (we do not want to promote anyone who is not what they claim to be).

After you register we would like for you to upload a minimum of 6 photos into your BTF closet (they don't have to be yours, they jut have to represent what your blog is about).

All email submissions should be recieved by March 31, 2015 to be considered for our April 19 publication.

All general questions can be asked in the comment section below and will be answered by BTF Girl promptly.


Your BTF Girl



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All of my blogging is on BTF :) but I will definitely submit it :)

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