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Fashion Train
Fashion Train Just hanging out at the train station and decided to post this #ootd
I love getting great deals on designer items!  I bought all of the designer pieces on this photo at such amazing deals!  Sometimes I'd wait 'til the fashion season changes and lurk the online sales of designer department stores like Sak's, Barney's and Yoox and most of the time I'd get better deals on them than if I shopped at Express or other mid end stores!
When there are no fashion season changes and designers are at regular prices, of course I just shop at my trusty stores like TJ Maxx and Wet Seal.  I love to mix and match designer pieces to "glorify" my low end pieces.  And, that, is one of my fashion strategies;)
On this photo:
Military Jacket- Wet Seal
Gold dress- TJ Maxx
Yellow shoulder bag- Valentino
Shoes- Pierre Hardy

Leopard Print
Leopard Print I can't stress enough that leopard prints are practically neutral now and they are here to stay.
Costume National Flats
Costume National Flats I really love deals and as soon as I saw this pair on sale I had to have them. Suede flats are perfect for fall. And burnt orange? 'nuff said:)
White jeans
White jeans White jeans are for the perpetually aware of what they're sitting on
Navy blue chiffon-y skirt
Navy blue chiffon-y skirt When I'm feeling skirts I pull this out
Tuxedo pants
Tuxedo pants tuxedo pants are hit or miss!
Striped green top
Striped green top I got this for 8 bucks at the limited. Total deal!
Tryin to decide which bottom
Tryin to decide which bottom I bought a green striped top. im trying to choose among the 3...a white pant, a striped pant or a long flowy navy skirt
Amazing Japanese products
Amazing Japanese products So excited about my lates Japanese beauty product haul
Great deal at TJ Maxx
Great deal at TJ Maxx As I get busier every year the hassle of carrying a handbag has gotten to be too much for me to "handle". I really like a shoulder bag that you could turn into a crossover bag. So fuss free and so perfect for my busy lifestyle. This one byB. Makowsky is a good deal. MSRP at $198. nabbed for $79.99 at TJ Maxx;)
Most Amazing Shoes Ever!!!
Most Amazing Shoes Ever!!! I have been in such a gloomy mood all day... until I saw these!!!
Estee Lauder freebies!!!
Estee Lauder freebies!!! So excited that I got all these for free with my BB cream!
Estee Lauder BB cream
Estee Lauder BB cream They say it wont clog the pores.  I guess I'm gonna have to see for myself
My Sunday Lookbook
My Sunday Lookbook I've said it time and again that I love mixing different textures together to make an interesting outfit.  For this look, I mixed fur with a chiffony flowy skirt, and a cotton shirt.  Since the color palette is quite achromatic, i.e., neutral, I added a pop of color using my Henri Bendel coral/tan shoulder bag.  I topped off the look with my Carlos Falchi leopard print pumps.
Pointy flats are here ! And they
Pointy flats are here ! And they're colorful I dreaded the come back of the pointed shoes but they've grown on me again so I got me some in every color possible!
Printed Jeans
Printed Jeans Printed bottoms are here to stay.  We've seen the past season with its polka dot jeans, floral jeans and all of a sudden printed bottoms are a norm recently.  I'm glad they are here to stay because I am not ready to retire them yet and wait another twenty years before they come back in style.
Animal print Top
Animal print Top Once again, another loose outfit for my Vegas food trip.  It also has animal print so instant stylish look.  I feel like if you add an animal print to your outfit, whether a pair of flats or  a bag or anything animal print,  you instantly look like you thought about it!:)
Sparkly Red Loose Top
Sparkly Red Loose Top whenever I go on trips,  I plan my outfit according to what I will be doing the most at my destination.  When in Vegas,  I eat and eat.  But I still want to be stylish so I try to conceal my stuffed belly with stylish tops that are not form fitting.  That way,  I can indulge in food and still look fit at the same time;)
If you like a top you get it in every color!
If you like a top you get it in every color! I have a fuschia version of this one too!
Color Block Top
Color Block Top The photo doesn't do this piece justice !  It is such a cute color blocking outfit you can wear with anything.  It can also go casual to dressy by varying the bottoms you want to wear with it!  
Green Off Shoulder Sweater Top
Green Off Shoulder Sweater Top Part of My Express clearance finds!  I love lace and silk:)
Leopard Coat
Leopard Coat I love anything leopard!! this coat is so luxurious and on sale too:)

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