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Erica Wolford

I love a variety of styles. It just depends on my mood. I think great style can come from any budget!

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Bodycon Skirts Bodycon skirts are a great way to "girl up" any outfit! Plus they work with looser shirts as well as tighter shirts.
Ripped Jeans + How to <3 Ripped Jeans

How to make:
1: Decide where you want to you rips to be by putting them on and marking with a marker where you want it

2: Now take sandpaper a rub the desired spot to loosen the fabric.

3:Take a pair of scissors a cut where you want. But do not cut a square! the jean will actually loosen up more after you wash it.
Shorts! My favorite thing about summer is that you can wear shorts!! A girl can never have too many shorts in her closet!

My favorite of there three is the second one. I love the floral print and it's a great twist. Instead of having plain jeans and a print top, you can have a print jeans with a bold color top!

All from Aeropostale

Dark Wash <3 Rue21 is by far my favorite place for jeans. They're affordable and comfortable. Plus, there's every style in every wash!
Jeans Jeans are perfect bottoms for any outfit! Dress it up or dress it down and often people over look their jeans. Jeans can MAKE the outfit!