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Erica Wolford

I love a variety of styles. It just depends on my mood. I think great style can come from any budget!

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Bodycon with a Twist Not every bodycon dress needs to be tight from top to bottom. This has a purple looser top and a bodycon bottom. It's perfect for the evening and it gives some freedom when picking out the shoes.

My Tip: Find items that give freedom to put a little "you" into them. Let the piece give you room to add your own touches and even your favorite pair of shoes!
Polka Dots! This fun black and white polka dot dress is perfect for parties! It flows yet it's cute and appropriate for a lot of parties!
Girls Night! I love solid color dresses because you can pair any shoe you want with it! Get funky or go neutral! Plus I absolutely love this purple!
Maxi Dress No. 1 I thought this maxi dress was a must have! It has so many colors in it so it makes it easy to pair with accessories! The yellow on the top scream summer! while the striped bottom half is so fun with the different sized stripes. 

My suggestion: Find pieces that and unique. They will make your closet come to life and leave people jealous!

P.S. This big bangle is the perfect accessory. Remember: not too much jewelry on this one because there's already so much going on!
Dance Party What would YOU wear to a dance party? Comment with a pic below!

This light blue is a universal color. It works on ANYONE. (So does red) This dress allows you to move on the dance floor as well as show the girly side with the ruffles. It flows. -This is a great thing to look for when you are getting ready to dance. The belted wedges are great but if you want something a bit more flexible try the flat below. It still shows off your feet with those two different colors but is flexible too.
Must Have High-Low Dress The blue and red are so different that they compliment each other! Maybe that's why jean are blue...

Comment below on what you think!
My favorite dress Thought I would show you my fav dress inside my closet! It's has all the deep tones like purple, blue and a little bit of green. It's a tank top so it's perfect for the summer and it has a little bit of the high- low trend going on.