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Erica Wolford

I love a variety of styles. It just depends on my mood. I think great style can come from any budget!

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Great Backpack These are great if your not a backpack person or a purse person! Stylish and they can be found everywhere!
My Favorite Bag This light tan/pink bag holds everything! I always take it on trips and on long vacations when you bring a bit more then the trip to the mall. 

The best thing about this bag is the inside. It has this floral pattern which gives it a girly vibe. 
My Big Leather Bag I got this bag a while ago at RUE21. I love how they put in a store near my house! I was so excited and it's a place I will always shop at! 

This brown bag goes with everything and it's huge! I can store everything: my wallet, sunglasses, lip gloss, gum, phone and more!

I usually pair it with anything but black or white or gray. I usually pair a black bag with those colors!

Small Bags I love the simplicity of smaller bags. I had this phase where I wanted big purses but it has sorta charged haha :D. I love finding cute bags that don't way down your shoulder. I would find that at the end of my shopping day, My shoulders would hurt because of my bag. 

Also, Smaller bags are SO much easier when your trying on clothes and digging through the racks to find great deals. Why can't style be lightweight!?
Big Bags Big purse are great for the right occasion! Movies is my favorite place for big totes. They're great for storing extra candy and goodies instead of buying the movie theater candy that can be rather expensive!
Small shoulder bags Small and great for long days of shopping! These bags are light weight and great for those super long shopping sprees. Why would you want something heavy to carry around all day when you can have something a bit smaller and easier to carry around. I love these bags especially on those trips to the mall with friends. They add a touch of style as well as enough room for your cell, a wallet, some makeup (for those simple touch ups in and out of the dressing room) and some sunglasses! <3
Brown Handbags Who can go wrong with brown handbags? They go with any outfit and depending on the style you can turn an outfit into a boho style or clean and chic. Look on down!