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Erica Wolford

I love a variety of styles. It just depends on my mood. I think great style can come from any budget!

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Cowboy Boots Wow I haven't uploaded something in forever! I just started school so it's been pretty busy, including back to school shopping. My must have on my back to school list would have to be shoes! I love shoes and by the end of the year, my old shoes are pretty loved, so I always get some new pairs. These boots were my must get items! They are great for the fall and I've actually been looking for some EVERYWHERE! I had to look for ones that had a short heel. I'm already pretty tall so I had to take that into consideration!

My Tip: You don't have to sacrifice based on your body shape, height or anything you might be self conscious with. Just adjust! There's ALWAYS going to be something out there is is perfect for YOU!
Gladiator Sandal I love gladiator sandals! Although they can get a bit pricey. Try shopping at 6pm.com - it always has mark downs and I love buying name brands from them because they can be 10 - 20 dollars cheaper!

These sandal are great for parties, back to school and they give a boring outfit some bling! 
Wedges This might come as a shock but I'm not a big heel person. I prefer flat shoes but if I must chose a shoes that lefts me off of the ground, I would pick a wedge. Not only are they easier to walk in my I think they are more stylish than a heel.

All from Charlotte Russe
Slip On Vans Don't know why but I love slip on Vans now. Gotta get a pair before heading back to school! 

Teal Obsession Vans! 45.00
My Goal: To have every color of vans of the canvas authentic type

Cowboy Boots Galore Cowboy boots are my obsession right now! GOTTA HAVE 'EM
Gladiator Sandals Sandals can take an ordinary outfit from normal to a little boho girly.
Vans Vans are one of my favorite brands of shoes! Check it out!