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Erica Wolford

I love a variety of styles. It just depends on my mood. I think great style can come from any budget!

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Ruffles + Red This off red is perfect for the movies and the ruffles help cheat the layered look. Plus I love this darker red. I try to fill my closet with all sorts of colors so I never get bored. 

My Tip: Look for items you don't have too much of. It could be a color, style or type of item (tank top, cardigans, sweaters).
Teal with Lace This one colored shirt goes great with scarves and jackets galore! My favorite part about this is the lace detail at the bottom and top.

My Tip: Find piece that you can layer with but also have enough detail to wear alone!
Floral Tank This floral tank top is one of my favorite tops in my closet. It has a variety of color and the floral is something every girl should have in her closet!
Two of a Kind! I also have this shirt in navy blue and peach but I thought I would pick up the same pattern in different colors. They are such different color pallets that it doesn't look like you got two of the same thing!
Off the Shoulder Off the shoulder tee work well with bathing suit season! They make great pull overs for on the beach, but not only that, they show some more of your tan!
One Color! The 3/4 sleeve is great for the FALL! Did I just say that? I am officially out of summer and into fall designs!

Tip: Start to look ahead of time for great pieces for seasons. For example, after winter has died off, they usually put their leather jackets (I am obsessed) on sale and clearance. But you might grow a bit so you want to get pieces that are a little big!
Feathers Feathers are unique and there are so many designs. Find one that is neutral to compliment the outfit. But find one with bold color, and you will draw attention to your beautiful face!
Interesting Pattern... I found this shirt and Kohls and thought it was very different than the shirts I usually pick. It is an off white with small blue flowers and a scene that was sketch onto it. It's super soft which I think is important when you have a long busy day ahead of you!
Agaci Cardigans One of my must have closet items is a cardigan. It's a cute way to dress up any outfit and it works well when you're trying to stay cute but remain in dress code. Also, you can find ones in different patterns to spice up any plain tank top. Just make sure that if you get a patterned cardigan, pair it with a plain top. As well as the other way around. If you find a plain cardigan then place it with something that has a print to it. The different styles will play off of each other and it will work great!

Cardigans are perfect for every girl!
Blue Stripes This is one of my favorite tees... do I say that a lot? Haha well why can't your closet be filled with pieces that you love? I also got this at Kohls as part of my back-to-school shopping. As you can see in the 2nd pic, it was a STEAL. $4 bucks? No way. I had to get it.
Stripes with a bit of Floral I got this top at Kohls and absolutely love it! It was part of my back to school shopping and it's so comfortable. The stripes are the trend right now but the floral lace at the bottom give it a girly vibe :) I also love the pop of color and I am really into crop shirts as well.
Tribal I paired this tribal pink top with a white skirt. There's so much going on in the top that the white body-con skirt calms it down while bringing out the pattern. I paired it with a studded small bag.
Yellow Mellow Just a pinch of this neon color goes a long way! You can add some yellow flip flops and a bright blue bag and you will be on your way. This shirt is my go-to shirt for when I want to have color but don't feel like wearing it all over.
Smile! :) This white tee has a metallic smile in the middle. It's great for one of those bummer days when you need a little happiness! As you can tell it's a bit see-through so keep in mind while you're shopping for these things. Ask yourself, "Will I need a cami for under this?"  
Color Blocking I guess this can also be considered stripes but I just love these fun summer colors! They even match my new Jansport backpack for school! How cool?! I believe that everyone should have some basic colored tees in their closet because you can, like I always say, layer! Whether it's necklaces, scarfs, or jackets, basic colors work with everything!
Outerwear :) One of my favorite things about clothes is that you can layer and make it your own. You can take pieces from every store and paste them together to create a one-of-a-kind look!

The best way to layering is to get bold outerwear.

The leather jacket is a great piece to spice up and outfit giving it some edge based on the color you choose.

The white jean jacket is fresh and clean plus it will go with ANY color.

The gray cardigan does great with floral tops, ruffled tops and tanks.
Aeropostale Haul I always have to pick up a classic Aero tee so I got the famous 1987 cropped long sleeve. I can't believe that school is coming so I must get a few long sleeves because fall is right around the corner!

On the other hand I still am in love with summer so I always like looking at tanks. This one is especially cute because it's ruffled and black which goes with anything!

Lastly, I love this basic 3/4 length baseball tee because it's casual and it doesn't have too much going on in the middle of the shirt which means I can pair it with any necklace I want!  
Olympic Spirit! Get ready for the Olympics and the great location for the 2012 summer Olympics! Cannot wait!! :D

All from Forever21.
Cheetah Crazy Cheetah Crazzzyy! You don't have to own a cheetah top to show your love for this print. Find accessories instead to pull off this girly print. I found this scarf and belt at Aero and decided to pull them out and put them with this peach top. I chose a different color top so we don't have brown all the way through the outfit!

Cheetah Scarf: Aeropostale $15
Cheetah Belt: Aeropostale $10
Peach Long Sleeve: Forever21 $15
It's a Peachy Day Woke up feeling good. :)

Peach crop tee - Ross
Heart Necklace - Rue21
Dark Wash Jeans - Rue21
Forever21 Haul I love Forever21. There's so much to choose from and I can never get board with all the variety. <3

I wanted to continue my love of teal but still keep it well rounded. I chose a cross-body bag in this really light pink. Also I wanted to layer, so I chose a light scarf in the color off-white.
Tillys Haul! Jean Jacket - 29.99
Striped Shirt - 19.99
Soda Navy Shoes - 19.99

The stripes really give this light jean jacket a punch of color!
Taylor Swift Inspired Outfit I always look to Taylor Swift for a little bit of inspiration. Her hair is never messed up, her makeup is perfect and I absolutely love her style. The previous section was a look at my favorite outfit of hers. Here is my own picks inspired by her outfit there.

1ST: Sweatshirt from TILLYS 
2ND: Paris Clock Necklace from CLAIRES
3RD: Boots from TILLYS
Taylor Swift Inspired Cute and comfort is the style here. A necklace always adds the finishing touch!