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My LBRD (My Little Black Ruffle-bottomed Dress) I got this dress from my favorite boutique in Chicago, Akira. Wore it to a party with my cute JS (Jessica Simpson) five inch- Mary Janes and the rest is history!
Royal Blue Forever Because I'm a Winter ( This is my color season), Royal blue flatters me like no other and so this cute little number did not fail to impress. Paired it with flats and off to Michigan Avenue I strolled! Got some jealous looks here and there, I knew what they were thinking, " Where did she get that?"
Fuschia, again! Okay, don't judge me fuschia again? It's just fuschia is friendly to any season of the year in my opinion. You can wear it in the winter summer, spring or fall. My prediction is, fuschia could pretty soon be the new black!