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My shiny maroon top How I love maroon!.. Maybe cause it reminds me of my childhood school uniform.. or cause it's just plain flattering on me :) Anyway, I forgot where I got this dress from. I suspect probably at marshalls or some bargain place but I love it to pieces:) I wore this to my informal high school reunion and man, did I shine! (I wish you could see it in person it's really cute..I paired it with a statement necklace to amp up the volume a little bit coupled with smokey eyes and a really gorgeous skinny leather pants and of course high heels.
My non-body hugging teal top two things I require of my tops: 1) Non body hugging- to conceal unwanted you- know -whats. 2) Colorful- this time it's teal and fuschia. I wore this top to Asia where it was able to withstand the scorching summer heat and at the same time made me look oh so figure perfect!!! Pardon my use of a body form to feature my items. It's a prerequisite to have one as a student of fashion styling:) I'm not just a plain weirdo lol
Animal print top I got this really cheap from a cute Singapore boutique. I thought it's really cute and again, non-body hugging;) Paired with leggings and some high heels or flats( for a more subdued relaxed look)
Fuschia and Ruffles When i saw this top I was like, "Fuschia and ruffles all in one top, I have got to have this one!" and I did:)