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Ty Az

Trendy and Sophisticated. Love bold colors!
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Navy blue chiffon-y skirt When I'm feeling skirts I pull this out
Tuxedo pants tuxedo pants are hit or miss!
Tryin to decide which bottom I bought a green striped top. im trying to choose among the 3...a white pant, a striped pant or a long flowy navy skirt
Printed Jeans Printed bottoms are here to stay.  We've seen the past season with its polka dot jeans, floral jeans and all of a sudden printed bottoms are a norm recently.  I'm glad they are here to stay because I am not ready to retire them yet and wait another twenty years before they come back in style.
Leather Textured Leggings Soooo adorable leather pants.  It's different from other legging pants as it is textured.  Once again from UK Style by French Connection!
Blue bodycon skirt Love this Bodycon Skirt by UK fashion by french Connection!