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Ty Az

Trendy and Sophisticated. Love bold colors!
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Leopard Print I can't stress enough that leopard prints are practically neutral now and they are here to stay.
Costume National Flats I really love deals and as soon as I saw this pair on sale I had to have them. Suede flats are perfect for fall. And burnt orange? 'nuff said:)
Most Amazing Shoes Ever!!! I have been in such a gloomy mood all day... until I saw these!!!
Pointy flats are here ! And they're colorful I dreaded the come back of the pointed shoes but they've grown on me again so I got me some in every color possible!
Christian Siriano Multi Estella One word to describe this pair: luxurious! Christian even autographed the heel. As much as I wanna wear this to everywhere, I don't want his signature to fade so I might put in a safe;) I am soooo starstruck!
Velvet Purple Shoes Purple is the color of royalty.  Velvet is royal color.  Put them together in one shoe,  I feel like a total queen wearing this pair!